Costly Installation and Expansion

Installing EV charging stations is expensive due to high equipment, labor and material costs, long permitting processes, and additional expenses for grid upgrades to meet increased demand.

Unpredictable Demand

The uncertainties in charging demand make it challenging to allocate resources efficiently, plan and invest in infrastructure, and manage charging stations effectively.

Environmental Impact

Modifications to charging infrastructure in sensitive areas can disrupt ecosystems, face opposition from local communities, and face limited access due to the site’s historical or natural significance.

Technology Churn

Technology churn presents challenges such as reliability issues, rapid obsolescence, increased investment risk, integration complexities, and market uncertainty.


Infrastructure-free Deployment

Our mobile autonomous robots deliver on-demand energy to EV owners, offering significant upfront installation savings and providing ongoing energy cost reductions through smart demand response technologies.

Mobile Design with Dynamic Optimization

Our mobile charging solution with dynamic optimization algorithms allows for cost-effective energy distribution based on real-time needs, eliminating over or under-investment due to demand fluctuations.

Minimum Environmental Impact

Our reversible deployment solution preserves the natural and historical integrity of sensitive areas by avoiding permanent installations and alternations to the landscape.

Future-proof Design

Software-driven functionality, modular hardware design, and infrastructure-free deployment allow for easy adaptation to evolving technologies, avoiding infrastructure lock-in and long-term compatibility.