IonDynamics FlashBot Dazzles GreenTech Crowd


Featuring 80 exhibitors and dozens of presentations focused on topics such as artificial intelligence (AI), the future energy economy and green transportation, the 2024 GreenTech Conference held in Hungary was certainly not short on impressive sustainable energy technology products. But if an award for "best-in-show" were to be given, IonDyamics Energy and their FlashBot solution would have been the clear front runner. 

"This (FlashBot) is the most innovative product at the conference," commented Dr. Laszlo Palkovics, the Hungarian Minister of Technology & Industry. The event was headlined by Hungarian Energy Minister Lantos Csaba, and attended by prominent government officials, entrepreneurs and investors from all over the globe. 

IonDynamics FlashBot is a Level 4 autonomous driving energy robot equipped with a 104 kWh battery. The robot can be summoned via the DropnGo mobile app, offering a convenient charging service that eliminates the need for fixed charging stations. This innovative approach addresses the challenges of infrastructure investment, making it a more cost-effective and efficient solution for accelerating electrification.

Using artificial intelligence, the robots will optimize charging and deployment schedules in order to significantly reduce energy costs to the business or property owner. FlashBot is also capable of energy trading back to the grid. This powerful combination of autonomous and sustainable energy technology, along with artificial intelligence is positioned to make IonDynamics a pivotal player in the future energy ecosystem.